2011 LEHS Circuit

Lake Effects Horse Show Champions
Left to Right: Alexandra Mauk, Casey Passmore, Alexis Mougalian, Anna Davis, Christine Sloan, Lacey Campbell, Eve Newton, Cassidy Hyland, Taylor Dressel, Sandi Carlton, Liz Perry

Lake Effect Horse Show Champions:
Alexandra Mauk and her horse “Mucho Grande”
  Limit Equitation, Junior Equitation, Open Medal, Limit Medal, Children’s Hunter and awarded Grand Champion Equitation rider.
Taylor Dressel riding Windsong’s “Romeo”
  Low Equitation and Reserve Champion in the Novice Equitation and Novice Hunter.
Christine Sloan’s “Cedric”
  Adult Hunter and Special Hunter Division and Christine Adult Equitation Reserve Champion.
“James” owned by Liz Perry
  Grand Champion Hunter and Pre-Green Division.
Casey Passmore on her pony “Miss Gracie”
  Low Equitation Reserve Champion and Mini Medal Champion.
Other winners included
  Lacey Campbell and “Small Change” Alexis Mougalian riding Amanda Mackay’s “Nimbus” Anna Davis and her horse “Forest.

Four riders from Windsong were awarded The Bryan Thomas Sportsmanship award for their contribution to the Non-profit organization, Love For Louie. Cassidy Hyland, Taylor Dressel, Alex Mauk and Alexis Mougalian raised money, for this organization, through a boot shine and tack cleaning service provided at horse shows this summer.

2011 HJAM Circuit

HJAM Winners
Left to Right back: Sandi, Anne Mullally, Siana Stanton, Eve Newton, Erin Dolson, Liz Perry Front: Casey Passmore, Lacey Campbell
Hunter Jumper Association of Michigan Winners
Casey Passmore
  Champion Children’s Pony Equitation rider.
Elizabeth Henry
  Unzen’s horse “Gabrielle” earned Baby Green Reserved Champion, ridden by Sandi Carlton.
Erin Dolson
  Low Equitation Reserve Champion.
Other HJAM Windsong winners:
  “Londeur” and Liz Perry, Lacey Campbell and “Small Change”, “Forever Clever” and Siana Stanton Alexandra Mauk and “Mucho Grande”.

2010 LEHS Circuit

Casey Passmore riding her pony Boogie Woogie Blues was awarded the Grand Champion Equitation rider of the LEHS circuit, by accumulating points as Champion of the Novice, Pony and Low Equitation Divisions. Boogie was also Reserve Champion of the Pony Hunter Division.

The Low Hunter Reserve Champion award was won by Gus, ridden by Taylor Dressel. Taylor was Third in Novice Equitation and Fourth in Low Equitation.

Megan McKenzie was awarded Reserve Champion of the Low Equitation Division and rode Windsong’s Tickle Me Teenie to Finalist ribbons in the Novice Ridden and Low Hunter divisions.

Cassidy Hyland’s horse King was a Finalist in the Maiden Ridden Hunter Division and Cassidy was awarded the Most Improved rider.

Emma McKenzie received the Trainer’s Award for her display of Horsemanship.

2010 HJAM Circuit

Forever Clever and owner Siana Stanton were Children’s Hunter and 14 and under Equitation on the flat Champions, finishing Third in 14 and Under over fences.

Lacey Campbell and Hillcrest I’m A Blue Too were the Children’s Pony Hunter Champions. Lacey was Reserve Champion in both Short Stirrup Equitation over fences and on the flat. This pair was also the LEHS Pony Medal Champion.

Katie Harden was awarded Champion of the Limit Medal and Limit Equitation over fences, and Reserve Champion on the flat. Her horse Baxter, was Reserve Champion of the Children’s Hunter Division.

Alexis Mougalian won Reserve Champion honors of Pony Equitation on the flat and Fourth place in the Pony Medal standings. Her large pony Color Tour was Third in the hunters.

Elizabeth Perry’s Londeur won Reserve Champion in the Younger A/O’s and successfully competed at Devon in June.


Photo Elizabeth Perry and “Londeur”

Elizabeth Perry and her horse ‘Londeur’, finished an amazing year as Reserve Champion of the Younger Amateur Owner Hunter Division at the National Horse Show held in Syracuse New York. ‘Londeur’ is also the United States Equestrian Federation Zone 5 Champion, along with numerous Championships on the Michigan Circuits, including Grand Champion Hunter of the Hunter Jumper Association of Michigan. Elizabeth also competed ‘Leroy’ in the Adult Jumpers, finishing as Reserve Champion of the USEF Zone 5 and Champion of the HJAM.

Alexis Mougalian, riding her pony ‘Tiger Lily’ finished as Reserve Champion Pony Equitation over fences of the HJAM and was Pony Equitation Champion of the Lake Effect Horse Shows.

Casey Passmore with her pony ‘Boogie Woogie Blues’ and Siana Stanton riding her horse ‘Forever Clever’ earned numerous third and fourth place year end ribbons on the HJAM circuit. Casey was also Maiden Equitation Reserve Champion of the LEHS circuit. Also showing successfully this summer at the HJAM shows were Lauren Capinegro and All in Favor, Nancy Dark and ‘Chafed to Bits’, Kelsey Brown and ‘Leopold’, Amanda Mackay and ‘Nimbus’, Anne Mullally and ‘Chibala’, Julie Passmore and ‘Otto’s White Socks’.

Photo LEHS winners - from left to right Nicole Petersen, Casey Passmore, Lacey Campbell, Emma McKenzie, Stacy Hanson, trainer Sandi Carlton, Katie Harden, Julie Passmore. Missing from photo – Alexis Mougalian and Anna Davis

Photo Katie Harden and ‘Baxter’

The Lake Effect Horse Show year end winners from Windsong were Katie Harden and her horse ‘Baxter’ – Champion of Limit Equitation, Junior Equitation, Open Medal, Limit Medal, Children’s Hunter and Open Hunter. Lacey Campbell and ‘Hillcrest I’m a Blue Too’ were the Grand Champion Pony Hunter combination, along with Reserve Champion of the Maiden Ridden Hunter Division. Emma McKenzie earned Low Equitation Reserve Champion. Alexis Mougalian and ‘Tickle Me Teenie’ were Limit Equitation and Children’s Hunter Reserve Champions. Stacy Hanson and ‘Usual Suspect’ finished in third place in both the Children’s Hunter and Limit Equitation divisions. Nicole Petersen finished as a finalist in the Maiden Hunter and Maiden Equitation divisions. Julie Passmore and her horse ‘Bentley’ were a finalist of the Adult Hunter division. Anna Davis won the ‘Horsemanship Award’ given by the trainers of the LEHS.


Elizabeth Perry and her horse Londeur, competed in the USEF Hunt Seat Medal Finals at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show. The pair also competed in the ASPCA Maclay Finals at the National Horse Show held in Syracuse, New York. Elizabeth was awarded the Sportsmanship Award at both the Hunter Jumper Association and Michigan Horse Show Award Banquets. Lauren Capinegro won Third place overall in the HJAM Limit Equitation Division. In the MHSA standings, she was Champion of the Children's Hunter Division, Reserve Champion in the Limit Equitation, both on the flat and over fences. Kelly Ganz was Reserve Champion Adult Amateurs in the MHSA also. Also showing successfully in 2008, at USEF shows, were Siana Stanton, Angela Polmanteer, Kelsey Brown and Amanda Mackay.

From left to right bottom row: Casey Passmore, Katie Harden, Alexis Mougalian, Stacy Hanson, Amy Capinegro, Siana Stanton. Back row: Julie Passmore, Trainer Eve Newton, Nancy Dark, Anna Davis

Lauren Capinegro and All In Favor

Windsong horses and riders had a great season on the Lake Effects Horse Show Circuit. Katie Harden and her horse "Aubrie" were the Novice Ridden Hunter Champion and the Reserve Champion in Novice Equitation and Third in the Low Equitation and Low Hunter divisions. Alexis Mougalian was Grand Champion Equitation Rider, Champion of the Novice Equitation and Reserve Champion Low Equitation, Low Hunter and Novice Ridden Hunter divisions on "Tickle Me Teeenie". Amy Capinegro, riding Siana Stanton’s pony "Miss Heidi Ho" took home the Grand Champion Pony award, along with being Champion in Pony Equitation, Reserve Champion Pony Hunter and Maiden Equitation. The pair was Third in the Maiden Ridden Hunter Division. Amy was also the winner of the Pony Medal. Casey Passmore was Fourth in the Pony Equitation division and her pony "Boogie Woogie Blues" was Fourth in the Pony Hunter Division. Julie Passmore’s young horse "Bentley" finished in Third for the Pre-green Division. Nancy Dark’s "Chafed To Bits" was Fourth in the Low Hunter Division. Anna Davis was awarded her prize for winning the Mini Medal and she was Fourth in the Low Equitation division.